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About CO2, Highlights from SLUSH2019

Picked up from SLUSH and Swedish radio channel P1 news, 3rd week November.

We can agree there is a rise in temperature, around the globe. If in doubt, one has to be willing to PULL the information – to do ones’ own research.

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Nordic Business Forum 2017

My take-away’s from the 2-day event

a.k.a. #NBForum2017

  • 7.500 persons attending on-site,
  • almost 20.000 streaming-tickets,
  • by 2021 aiming to be the #1 international business forum

My #1 take-away

My absolute #1 take-away was:

“Interesting is not your story, interesting is your customers’ story.” Continue reading Nordic Business Forum 2017

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My Road to startup – a Speech

This is the speech I held at Laurea Leppävaara University, to students in Business and Information Technology, two times in March 2017, titled

”My road to Entrepreneurship, Self management & some practical Tools that I use.”

I presented the following chain of subjects:  (here the speech is divided into 3 parts)

Laurea campus

My road to starting a company :

(part 1)

  • what got me from thinking about starting, to actively start a company,
  • knowing myself with a long list of dreams,

short-listing a sustainable choice of activity (likely to stay with),

  • project manage the road to register a stock company,

(part 2)

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Värikäs ilta

Vuoden värit 2017

Deko lehden mainostamalla illalla 2017.02.01 Tikkurilan koulutusväki esitteli vuoden värit  maaliyhtiön koulutustiloissa. Kolmen henkilön viiden värikombinaation ennustukset vuoden väreille nostettiin esille. Heidän samat valinnat on esillä uunituoreessa Color Now lehdessä ja tilaisuudessa annettiin myös hieman valoa lehtijuttujen taustatyöstä.

Color Now – lehdessä näitä vuoden (2017) väri-kombinaatiot esitävät suunnittelija Teemu Muurmäki, sisustussuunnittelija Susanna Vento ja Tikkurilan designpäällikkö Marika Raike. Punainen lanka on miten heidän valitsemansa värit sopivat sävymaailmassa yhteen. Lehdessä ei vain esitetä vuoden (2017) väri-kombinaatiot, mutta myös vuoden väri – Angora (H466).

Tikkurilan värisuunnittelija Irina Hanhisalo piti hyvin mielenkiintoisan esitelmän jossa värimaailma avautui eri tavoilla riippuen valon tyypistä ja voimakkuudesta, sekä värien ja varsinkin sävyjen eri yhdistelmien mahdollisuudet. Paljon vinkkejä omalle sisutus-kohteelle – mitä kannattaa pitää mielessä värien valinnassa.

Tietokoneen näyttö ei todennäköisesti anna oikeudenmukaista toistoa värille. Onneksi minulla on lehti.

Seinämaalauksen ja kattorajan rajoite-oppitunnin lopuksi meidän noin 20 päinen ryhmä sai luvan kokeila edellä mainittujen värien eri kombinaatioita omalle levylle.

A colorful evening

The proposed to be, the colors of the year (2017), were presented by the training team of the Tikkurila paint making firm, at their training center next to the factory in Tikkurila village. 5 different color combinations by 3 persons were presented. These same combinations are present in the fresh Color Now magazine. Also, some insight was gives as to the background work of the main interior stories.

These color combinations are presented by designer Teemu Muurmäki, interior designer Susanna Vento and Tikkurila head of design Marika Raike. The interesting effect is how each of these 5 colors work together – especially tint-wise. The Color Now magazine presents, in addition to mentioned 3 combinations, also the color of the year (2017) – Angora (H466).

The author

Martin R.C. Andersson is an engineer with a soft spot for project management.
He has a keen interest in audio equipment, especially studio-level quality monitors. Always looking for noise-free listening… to be a norm. Values silence, and now and then some solitude.
Thinks Yoga is a mental state of being, when thoughts flow long enough – without disruption – to reach a conclusion of idea or work. Thinks Mindfulness is a state of being when work really gets done – well done.

When the outside world is tuned out, and performance is tuned in.
Feels best when Minimalism, Functionalism and Art come together, crossing their paths.

Do visit my home page Desiderata.

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My tools on my road to entrepreneurship

It started about 6 months ago. I saw a photo on Facebook (FB). I didn’t understand what it was I was looking at. The research started.

I found this was something I would want to produce myself, and see, does anyone else want one.

This story is however not about the product(s), but about the tools I selected for my road towards entrepreneurship.

How to build a website? Any free alternatives? I asked friends who had their own businesses. I can’t quite seem to remember how I stumbled upon WordPress (WP). One source is a student I was mentoring in the step to find work, is a frequent blogger, and presented me the website of these blogs.  Other sources were the many blogs and guidances on the net. Many artists show their work on WP. I do remember needing to study, do I want a server (.com) based, or a program (.org) running on my own PC. Well, I wanted a solution that I can access from any computer, or location, and I did not want to depend on my own PC, neither on it operating as a server.


Next, I needed to register a domain. A working web address, based on the company name I had in mind. I selected GoDaddy. A straight-forward user interface. A yearly reservation fee that I can live with, even in case I would not be able to get enough air under my company wings to fly.

Then I spent weeks figuring out how to add pages, create a menue, create a static (main) page that doesn’t look like a blog. Widgets! Then, the various plugins, such as a commentary field and a function for enlisting to a newsletter. How to link to FB. How to link from FB.

I am a fairly introvert guy. So far I have had 3 major simply marvelous experiences, resulting in outright scream of joy. 1st was managing to create the link so that typing the company address (domain name) in the browser takes the user to land on the WP website address. The 2nd and 3rd came from making the commentary and newsletter function work. All new to me, and with an atmosphere of magic.

Having studied the plugin functions, by searching discussion forums and reading “WP for dummies”, this brought me to MailChimp and AWeber. More study of recommendations, forums and instructions. Youtube is great source of instructions. AWeber manages newsletter sign-up forms. MailChimp is the tool to build good newsletters. Sort of like an e-mail account.

Eventually it dawned upon me that it would be more useful to register an e-mail address that reflects the business I wish to enter. GoDaddy offers, again, a fair deal. A package of MS Office tools, with its 365.

Parallel to the world of internet, I discovered VBA coding. This grew from a need to go from 2D graphs to visualizing planned product in 3D. In excel. To be able to assign certain elements their own colour.


Next, is to launch a crowdfunding (CF) event. Thereafter, CF successful or not, I want to set up an e-store. To find a good platform, and keep this running. Remaining is also to get active in a few other social media sites. Twitter, Pinterest. And to pay for active marketing, where every change can be measured, and therefore strategically planned.

Negative experiences?

Yes. GoDaddy offers, for free, to create an e-mail account under your domain name. I needed, for the newsletter, a ‘do-not-reply’ e-mail address.  Which gives you 100 times to send a message. Which I created, and successfully got operational with MailChimp and newsletter sign-up. To the extent of planting my hand on my forehead and a jaw-drop, I had to accept loosing the ‘do-not-reply’ option as I purchased the Office package. Well, it only takes some time to set up the new function. But, nevertheless, a disruption to the sweet passage of green-light-crossing I so far had experienced.

The author Martin R.C. Andersson is an
engineer who has a soft spot for project management.
He has a keen interest in audio equipment.
Especially studio-level quality of monitors, and always looking for noise-free listening… to be a norm. Values silence, and now and then some solitude.
Thinks Yoga is a mental state of being when thoughts flow long enough to reach conclusion. Thinks Mindfulness is a state of being when work really gets done – done well.

When the outside world is successfully tuned out.
Feels best when Minimalism, Functionalism and Art come together, cross their paths.

Do visit my home page Desiderata.

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