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Gotland 2022.06

Car drive in Gotland during 4 nights 3 full days in June 2022.

Travelled by car and passenger ferry (RoPax) – operated and owned by Destination Gotland. Departed Nynäshamn on a Monday evening, and arrived to Visby by midnight same day. The first 2 nights we spent in Gothem, a small village about 1 hour drive from Visby.

The midnight drive is through fog laden fields, on semidark countryside roads. One can see the light of the sun mirrored in the sky northeast. Must be that we are just under (south of) the line where the sun never sets.

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Car battery extinguishing

Car seen from front_Thumbnail

Extinguishing, or cooling, an electric car (EV) fire

How to cool down and limit the radius (spread) of an EV on fire? To suppress an EV on fire on a road, or onboard a car carrying ferry?

The facts are :

  • It’s extremely hot near a burning car,
  • there’s a lot of (lethal) smoke emitted from a battery (and car) fire.

Thus, it is difficult to approach a burning EV.

(click to enlarge – opens a new window)

car_front_full size
car_front_full size

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Adding Aux to old car radio

Aux + iPod

How to add an Aux port, a 3.5 mm “headphone” jack to your radio.

Aux port

As my van is rather old – as is the radio – but working, I figured out how to add an aux line-in to the radio unit.

All it doesn’t do is play mp3 CD’s, however I can live with that. An mp3 player, or other music player can always be connected. Such as a mobile phone.

On our vacations, and other long trips, our younger family members like to look at Youtube videos – and now we can all co-listen.

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