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8mm projector conversion to LED

From halogen bulb to LED

What if one could increase the lamp life 100-fold, and avoid all that heat – that would burn the film in case the film would stop running…


3 generations were seated to dig into a number of film rolls from my childhood, to travel back in time some 40 years. We got through 20 minutes of film, when the light bulb came to an end.

The projector – the patient

Fujicacolor 10M

Life expectancy is 25 hours, so having lasted since my childhood – that in itself was a lot of hours than the listed expectation.

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3rd ‘acoustic’ wall panel finished

Now finished with the 3rd sound mitigating wall panel.

Echo-mitigating, to be exact. Noise is sound categorized as pollution. Sound is air waves. Echo is air waves being reflected, usually from flat surfaces.

And this wall panel acts as a diffusor. Breaks the air waves apart. Each wave into many many smaller waves. The process is called diffusion.

Now I got caught up in technical digestion… This story is about how the third wall panel came to life :

  • A dedicated cutting table
  • Cutting the tower pieces
  • Gluing the towers together
  • Cutting the picture
  • Gluing the picture
  • 4 parts makes the complete picture

Sienestys, ja ensitapaaminen Saimi Hoyer’in kanssa

[ osa 1 B ]

…tapahtumassa Yrittäjyyden kulmakivet – rohkeus, luovuus, intohimo

Suomen Yrittäjillä oli syyskuun alkupuolella y.m. tapahtuma, jossa noin 150 yrittäjää kokoontui kuuntelemaan y.m. 3 kulmakiveistä.


Kokeneena mallina ja puhujana, Saimi esitti noin 90 minuutissa elävästi hänen tiensä yrittäjyyteen, ja muistelmia matkan varrelta uutena yrittäjänä. Miten Pohjalainen henki heijastuu yrittämisessä.