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Perform better – in a quieter space

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Desiderata Oy (xyz) designs and provides noise dampening panels.

Acoustic furniture based on the math of sound.

To make less disruption by noise – around You.

  • Work uninterrupted.
  • Listen – or talk – without a disturbing echo.
  • Limit talk to a defined space. Customer sensitive?

Speech. Music. Instruments.

At work, open office or meeting room. At home, in your living room. At music practice, instrument or song.

Any interior space, where found a potential to disturbance-free listening.

Measured, at bottom line

Noise is defined as sound that is a disturbance.

A disturbance can be measured. Either as a loss of quality, in efficiency or health-wise.

In the end, typically, summing up as a monetary cost.

Feel better, perform better!

Through a planned control of echo, the world of sound in your interior is improved.

Here’s what a change (removal) of a noisy surrounding brings:

  • increased productivity
  • wellness at work
  • faster restorativeness*

All of the above can be measured!!!

Intelligibility of messages = money, time, quality. More days at work. Better sleep, quicker recovery = more energy.

*Restorativeness is how well – and fast – a person recovers. Physically and mentally. Each one influencing the other.

Measurable is the added value;

Studies show an increase in well-being, therefore an larger show-up at work as well as a higher  level of us humans being energized.

  • less distraction, longer focus
  • the peace to do more, and faster mental restoration

The removal of noise will give you an improved acoustic experience,
meaning a better atmosphere for Work and Study. Which is seen in Your performance, amount of work done and its accuracy.

Therefore You receive more peace of mind. Quality to life.

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