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Mind your Ear(s)

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Noise-dampening panels, acoustic furniture. Wall- or ceiling mounted.

Less disruption – around You. From noise.

When clear hearing is of importance.

Speech. Music. Instruments.

At work. At home. At practice.

Any interior, where there is a disturbance to clear listening. Noise.

Noise is defined as sound that is a disturbance. Sooner or later, that disturbance can be measured in costs.

Either at the bottom line, or health-wise. Typically, both. Unfortunately.

Control your interior acoustics;

feel better, perform better!

Through a planned control of echo, the sound-environment of your interior is improved.

Here’s what a change (removal) of a noisy surrounding brings:

  • increased productivity    (intelligibility of messages = money, time, quality)
  • wellness at work               (less days away)
  • faster restorativeness*    (better sleep, quicker recovery = more energy)

All of the above can be measured!!!

*Restorativeness is how well – and fast – one recovers. Physically and mentally. Keep in mind, each one influences the other.

Latest work :

Diffusing wall panel, logo on surface

Material is EPS, Logo is the Finnish hockey league ‘Jokerit’ (the Jokers)


(click for larger size)

MEASURABLE is the added value;

Studies show an increase in well-being, therefore an larger show-up at work as well as a higher  level of us humans being energized.

  • less distraction, longer focus
  • the peace to do more, and faster mental restoration

The removal of noise will give you an improved acoustic experience,
meaning a better atmosphere for Work and Study. Which is seen in Your performance, amount of work done and its accuracy.

Therefore You receive more peace of mind. Quality to life.

The Services

Traditional dampening
A mathematical approach
2017-10-29 11.57.50

Where a difference can be made :

  • open office space, negotiation room
  • business center, conference, convention space
  • dining area, lunch space
  • living room, talking with friends, listening to TV / stereo
  • practicing your musical instrument
  • reading a book to your child
  • children’s play area

 A typical situation, a very noisy environment:

You are at a restaurant, and at your table you can barely hear what your friend says?

As every table has the same experience, everybody raises their voice. This resulting noise – the background noise – sets the minimum level of hearing – the volume level of your discussion.

In practice, this noise is – most commonly – the result of a strengthened echo. An echo, typically free – to uncontrolled bounce between walls and ceiling.

What if some of the echo could be removed?

People adjust to the sound level around. With the main areas of echo-bouncing surfaces in control,

You would be pleased to – in comfort – hold a normal conversation.

Leaving the place fresh in ears – and in mind.

Remembering the food, staff service – and you conversation.

Let the solution be in co(n)sonance with your interior design,
hide it in your furniture – or make it a Colorful piece of Art!



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