Sound-absorbing element

Product data, Technical details

Acoustic isolation sheet. Paper-fiber wallpaper. (or, any thin textile)
Size : 100 x 60 cm, 8 cm thick.

Air space between element and ceiling : 9 cm.

Acoustic effects

This design will dampen sound in the frequency range of human speech (125 Hz – 4 kHz) and music.

If modified, meaning thicker, then as well has a bass-trap effect – frequencies below 500 Hz.

Typically, this element has a dampening effect of mitigating early reflections (first echo).

The air ‘pocket’, between element and ceiling, boosts the dampening effect. This air gap, between the absorbing element and the reflective surface, is particularly effective in the lower frequencies. (see Technique, acoustic school)

Additional features

Suspended from ceiling by 4 magnets, providing for an easy mounting (and release) of the element. Or firmly, hoisted on chain.

  • Lighting : LED-stripe, 30 W, adjustable between 3000 – 6000 K (warm / arctic).
  • Multi-Color-light also available.
  • Remote control (RF) : on/off, light strength in 10 increments, seamless adjusting between warm – arctic.
  • Dimmable.