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White Duplo bricks

Did you know?

Wanted to celebrate Finland 100 years independence.

Couldn’t find on the net any – any! – photo of a Finnish flag made from Duplo blocks. Scanned the Lego and Duplo forums. Nothing. Went to the most known shop in Helsinki, in hope of finding a building area with loose blocks for spontaneous building. Strike-out.

The helpful lady guided me to call their other store, since they maintain a spontaneous building corner in that specific shop. Answers a young man – Yes they have a corner, but very few white bricks… Continue reading White Duplo bricks

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Long time, no blog…

I haven’t sat down to post a blog in a long time. All summer, actually. I suppose that is a good thing. What if no-one has the time to read blogs in the summer, everyone being busy.

2017-09-08 16.09.17

Came home today with a Marimekko purchase. My wife, seeing only the paper bag, emotionally commented in the lines of “what have you spent money on, you know we can not afford…”. It took me a second or two of my own silence to figure out that she did not know what was in the bag.

For about 6 months, I have known that this piece of acoustic panel – with this particular  textile art – is something I really want to make. Partly because it is one of the few ideas of mine that my wife early on accepted to decorate our living-room. And partly because it (Räsymatto – rag rug) is one of my favorite patterns, showcasing a sense of harmony.

2017-09-08 14.18.34

Every time one of my acoustic projects crosses the finish line, I feel a certain satisfaction. Although a project did not turn out fully to my expectation, it is still a milestone in learning. And, not least, satisfaction arises from the fact that I am 1 step forward in program of planned releases.


2017-09-08 15.36.40

However, the best satisfaction with this project here is that it turned out very well. IMHO. It is time that it did turn out well; it has been a long road with quite a number of pilot projects..

Every project demands a bit of preparation work… and coffee 🙂


Learn more about this sound-absorbing panel


About the author

Martin R.C. Andersson started out as a mechanical engineer, slowly developing a soft spot for project management in which he worked 10 years.
Although having resigned from a corporate career within project management, the soft spot he keeps alive through a keen interest in room environment treatment. By control of sound and light, looking to tweak for that noise-free listening… which should be a norm.
Values silence, and now and then solitude.
Thinks Mindfulness is a ‘state of being’ when work really gets done.
When thoughts flow – without disruption – to reach either a creative state or finish what’s at hand.

When the outside world is tuned out, performance is tuned in.
Feels best when Minimalism, Functionalism and Art come together, crossing their paths.

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Värikäs ilta

Vuoden värit 2017

Deko lehden mainostamalla illalla 2017.02.01 Tikkurilan koulutusväki esitteli vuoden värit  maaliyhtiön koulutustiloissa. Kolmen henkilön viiden värikombinaation ennustukset vuoden väreille nostettiin esille. Heidän samat valinnat on esillä uunituoreessa Color Now lehdessä ja tilaisuudessa annettiin myös hieman valoa lehtijuttujen taustatyöstä.

Color Now – lehdessä näitä vuoden (2017) väri-kombinaatiot esitävät suunnittelija Teemu Muurmäki, sisustussuunnittelija Susanna Vento ja Tikkurilan designpäällikkö Marika Raike. Punainen lanka on miten heidän valitsemansa värit sopivat sävymaailmassa yhteen. Lehdessä ei vain esitetä vuoden (2017) väri-kombinaatiot, mutta myös vuoden väri – Angora (H466).

Tikkurilan värisuunnittelija Irina Hanhisalo piti hyvin mielenkiintoisan esitelmän jossa värimaailma avautui eri tavoilla riippuen valon tyypistä ja voimakkuudesta, sekä värien ja varsinkin sävyjen eri yhdistelmien mahdollisuudet. Paljon vinkkejä omalle sisutus-kohteelle – mitä kannattaa pitää mielessä värien valinnassa.

Tietokoneen näyttö ei todennäköisesti anna oikeudenmukaista toistoa värille. Onneksi minulla on lehti.

Seinämaalauksen ja kattorajan rajoite-oppitunnin lopuksi meidän noin 20 päinen ryhmä sai luvan kokeila edellä mainittujen värien eri kombinaatioita omalle levylle.

A colorful evening

The proposed to be, the colors of the year (2017), were presented by the training team of the Tikkurila paint making firm, at their training center next to the factory in Tikkurila village. 5 different color combinations by 3 persons were presented. These same combinations are present in the fresh Color Now magazine. Also, some insight was gives as to the background work of the main interior stories.

These color combinations are presented by designer Teemu Muurmäki, interior designer Susanna Vento and Tikkurila head of design Marika Raike. The interesting effect is how each of these 5 colors work together – especially tint-wise. The Color Now magazine presents, in addition to mentioned 3 combinations, also the color of the year (2017) – Angora (H466).

The author

Martin R.C. Andersson is an engineer with a soft spot for project management.
He has a keen interest in audio equipment, especially studio-level quality monitors. Always looking for noise-free listening… to be a norm. Values silence, and now and then some solitude.
Thinks Yoga is a mental state of being, when thoughts flow long enough – without disruption – to reach a conclusion of idea or work. Thinks Mindfulness is a state of being when work really gets done – well done.

When the outside world is tuned out, and performance is tuned in.
Feels best when Minimalism, Functionalism and Art come together, crossing their paths.

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