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Various work, during 2022

Works made for customers during 2022.

Making an echo mitigating wallpanel, by incapsulating 4 pieces of white 3D VICOUSTIC elements in a wooden frame.

Here follows a simplified breakdown of the work steps :

Ikea lamp (model ) assembled, hoisted on a slanted ceiling.

Corner piece, echo mitigating tower – special for lower frequencies (also known as) bass-catching tower.

A cabinet from Jysk, and a lamp with beatiful copper-coloured reflector.

A few TV’s :

A 55″ TV, wall mounted. Fixed at 15 degrees angle.

A 65″ TV, wall mounted. Flat mounted.

After mount of TV to wall fixture, the TV is possible to adjust a few degrees, left or right side downwatds, in order to have it absolutely level. In other words, a wall mount assembly that is forgiving. Meaning, that the fixture doesn’t have to be absolutely level when mounted to wall.

Ikea Bestå cabinets mounted to a concrete wall. Very smart wall fastening system.

Ikea Bäve lamp fixed to ceiling in a kitchen.