Bass catcher

Catcher of low frequencies

The sustainable choice.

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Similarly to the diffusor panels, the bass catcher has a history in the world of recording studios. This is where it / its need was born.


Holding a great mass of absorbing material, the material thickness is an effective means of absorbing the low spectrum of sound (soundwaves). That said, the tower of course absorbs all waves of sound.

Snugly in a corner of a room

This bass catcher fits tightly into a corner of a room. It also doubles as an interior furniture :

  • your cats’ new favorite sightseeing-platform?
  • a stand for your flower pot?

Fitting your interior

The tower body comes in a variety of colors :

  • Natural wood
  • Black lacquered
  • Painted white

See more photos on Expo pages.


A tower can be tailored to your own specifications, made to your measurements and needs.

Here’s the otherwise standard specs, the technical details :

Height : 105 cm

Width :   28 cm  ( = radius)

Weight : 18,1 kg total, whereof 8 kg is absorbing material.