Bass catcher

Catcher of low frequencies

The sustainable choice.

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Similar to the diffuser panels, the bass catcher has a history in the world of recording studios. This is where it / its need was born.


Holding a great mass of absorbing material, the material thickness is an effective means of absorbing the low spectrum of sound (sound-waves). That said, the tower of course absorbs all waves of sound.

Snugly in a corner of a room

This bass catcher fits tightly into a corner of a room. It also doubles as an interior furniture :

  • your cats’ new favorite sightseeing-platform?
  • a stand for your flower pot?

Fitting your interior

The tower body comes in a variety of colors :

  • Natural wood
  • Black lacquered
  • Painted white

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A tower can be tailored to your own specifications, made to your measurements and needs.

Here’s the otherwise standard specs, the technical details :

Height : 105 cm

Width :   28 cm  ( = radius)

Weight : 18,1 kg total, whereof 8 kg is absorbing material.