Application areas

The application areas are all interior spaces,

where the quality of sound makes a difference

  • Home
  • Office
  • public space: a Restaurant, Library, Museum

In short, rooms where echo needs to be under control

  • Music hall, instrument & quire repetition
  • Study room, reading
  • Recording studio

… or where the noise level is high

  • Machinery space: Laboratory, Engine room
  • Ventilation noise. Mask the ventilation outlets with a ceiling element.
  • Gaming, multiplayer party
Iso Omena, shopping mall

At home

Do you hear the echo of your own voice whilst reading a book to your child? Read, watch a movie or listen to your stereo without distraction.

Be it any room in your house.

At office

Think open office-space, meeting room or communication cabinet for staying in touch with virtual teams. Exchanging sensitive information?

Do you seek more silence to your environment, or to hear weak sounds better?
What about the video sound quality of the quarterly report?

Public spaces – spaces where people gather

  • Schools, Universities, Cantines and dining areas.
  • Business-, Hotel- and Conference centers.
Aeropolis, Airport train stop

Reception areas and lobbies can be noisy. So noisy that people in fact avoid to talk or visit this space.

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Typical PRD and QRD panel



Your Ears – Your Mind


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