Frequently Asked Questions


What can I expect from a Diffusor?

A diffusors’ first task is to deal with echo. Echo in itself is vital, as this contributes to ambience. However, a strong – or long lasting – echo is undesired since this in effect covers weaker sounds. More on this subject on How a diffusor works?

What do I get with a panel?

In your listening space, a diffusor panel efficiently mitigates soundwaves, thereby limiting these from bouncing back from walls. As echo is disrupted, you hear the full spectrum of talk and sound from its source.

With the delivery of a panel, a technical specification follows. This specifies the materials used, the origin of the materials and the frequency range set to work by this panel design.

What Customization options do I have?

Within the material wood, and its natural tone, there are as many variations as types of wood. Wood can be treated, painted, even charred (light burn). Coloring options are limited only by imagination.

Another material is dense cell foam, and isolation materials.

The size of the panel depends foremost on the range of frequency that is targeted to be worked on, and to a certain degree also the possible visual desire you may have.

How is my order Processed at your company?

Upon your inquiry for a solution for You, contact to you will be taken firsthand by phone.  If you haven’t indicated a phone number in the contact form, contact to you will be made by e-mail.  Of interest is details about your sound space, the type of problem you experience and personal expectations.

What is the delivery time of my panel?

After inspection of your acoustical premises, and order, the delivery time is typically 1  to 2 weeks. The delivery time depends foremost on complexity of product assembly and material availability – in case of a special choice of material.

Where is the panel produced?

In Finland, Desiderata Oy manufactures the diffusors and dampening panels. Depending on the work load, this may also be produced by a local wood workshop – under the company supervision.

What if the panel doesn’t work as expected?

Together we listen to the sound in your space. With and without the panel. By request, acoustical measurement can be made with the help of calibrated instruments. In the end, your personal perception of improvement success is the deciding factor.

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