In Restaurant

Without elements
Without elements

The restaurant atmosphere

A typical situation, a loud environment

You are seated at a restaurant, having a discussion, however can barely hear what your friend(s) at the table say?

As every table has the same situation, everybody automatically raise their voice. This happens because of the background noise – which is strengthened by echo.

The background noise level sets the level of hearing – the volume level of your discussion.

What if some of the noise and echo would be removed?

Without Elements_Sound travel
Without Elements_Sound travel

You would be pleased to – in comfort – be able to hold a normal conversation, and remain fresh in ears. And, most importantly, also in mind.

You will not only remember what was said in your discussion, you will remember the taste of the food. And can therefore recommend the restaurant.

With Elements_Sound travel
With Elements_Sound travel

Let the solution be in resonance with your interior design, either hide it within your existing furniture or have it be a colorful piece of art that lifts your atmosphere!

An Absorber, or Diffusor panel? Or both sound control techniques?

A Sound-Absorbing Element can have Your choice of textile design or photograph!

Read more about Absorbing elements and echo mitigating panels – please find these topics in the menu.

Suggestion of how to apply a noise dampening panel

  • calculated location on a wall
  • calculated location under the ceiling
  • designed room space dividers, between the table sections

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