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Restorative acoustic conditioning

(Suomeksi tässä)

Acoustical conditioning as a restorative factor

(A speech given to the local Toastmasters club members)

I open with a strong one-time clap of hands.

2017-11-02 12.11.33

Did anyone hear an echo? No? Well, it was a very quick-responding one. Not a long-ringing echo, such as one can hear in a large room. Continue reading Restorative acoustic conditioning

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My Road to startup – a Speech

This is the speech I held at Laurea Leppävaara University, to students in Business and Information Technology, two times in March 2017, titled

”My road to Entrepreneurship, Self management & some practical Tools that I use.”

I presented the following chain of subjects:  (here the speech is divided into 3 parts)

Laurea campus

My road to starting a company :

(part 1)

  • what got me from thinking about starting, to actively start a company,
  • knowing myself with a long list of dreams,

short-listing a sustainable choice of activity (likely to stay with),

  • project manage the road to register a stock company,

(part 2)

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