Wood as the material

The bass-catching tower

A tower that efficiently catches (absorbs) the low frequency sound(waves).

Back to Nature, Forest, August 2020

Wood in the woods. The sustainable choice.

Helsinki town house, Restaurant, August 2020

( I know, my lighting set-up could be much better )

Matinkylä, at home, July 2020

( My make-do garage, the living room having to do as workshop )

Road trip of wood PRD, first prototype

Maria01, Ruoholahti, Helsinki, June 2019

The so-far-mobile panel has moved – from its wheels – to be wall mounted. Maria01 is a growing-ground platform for start-ups. One could say, a businesscenter-like forum.

Acoustic wall panel at Maria01

HTC, Pinta-building, Helsinki, 10th May 2017

One of 4 business-center buildings, this one including an auditorium.





(Photos by Satish Kumar, in connection with the annual PMI Finland conference)


HTC, Nina-building, Ruoholahti, Helsinki, May-June 2017

An office complex of 4 business-center buildings, including auditorium and restaurant.

TaloTalo, Vantaa, March 2017

At the stand of Westwood stairs, who was kind to lend me the space.
This acoustic panel is a PRD (prime root diffusor) and made out of wood, measuring corner-to-corner 111×111 cm. Standing 180 cm high on its own mobile stand.

Echo-mitigating frequency range:   830 – 2860 Hz   (design-dependent)
Complete description, sound breaking panel

EPS, a.k.a. styrox, hard foam as the material

FLM-Tuotanto, Vallila, August 2017

In studio, at FLM-Tuotanto, owned and operated by Ilkka Ferm. Vallila, Helsinki.

PRD panel, made out of EPS (isolation foam) also called styrox. Uncolored.
2 pieces of panels, each 12×13 (columns / rows) with face area 50×50 mm.
Sound dampening range: 850 – 3430 Hz.



Studio, Vallila, July 2017

In studio of Aki Päivärinne. Vallila, Helsinki.

Here, the same type of panel as mentioned above (PRD) is colored by spray paint and a photo of a guitar has been added.

The very first proto work – the spray painting was not a success.

Guitar video

Note: the video opens up in a new window.

The 2nd pilot test, on a Green guitar theme. Tolerances not yet pleasing the eye… as can be seen.

That said, the 3rd panel (see references) is made using a custom built cutting table.


If you have an idea of where this panel could stand for exposition, please let me know. A successful lead will be rewarded as follows:

Echo1_PRD tour_seek new place_