Wood as material

Road trip of wood PRD, first prototype

TaloTalo, Vantaa, March 2017

At the stand of Westwood stairs, who was kind to lend me the space.
This acoustic panel is a PRD (prime root diffusor) and made out of wood, measuring corner-to-corner 111×111 cm. Standing 180 cm high on its own mobile stand.

Echo-mitigating frequency range:   830 – 2860 Hz   (design-dependent)
Complete description, sound breaking panel

HTC, Pinta-building, Helsinki, 10th May 2017

One of 4 business-center buildings, this one including an auditorium.





(Photos by Satish Kumar, in connection with the annual PMI Finland conference)

HTC, Nina-building, Ruoholahti, Helsinki, May-June 2017

An office complex of 4 business-center buildings, including auditorium and restaurant.

Maria01, Ruoholahti, Helsinki, June 2019

The so far mobile panel has moved – from its wheels – to be wall mounted. Maria01 is a growing ground platform for start-ups. One could say, a business center-like forum.

Acoustic wall panel at Maria01

EPS, a.k.a. styrox, hard foam

FLM-Tuotanto, Vallila, August 2017

In studio, at FLM-Tuotanto, owned and operated by Ilkka Ferm. Vallila, Helsinki.

PRD panel, made out of EPS (isolation foam) also called styrox. Uncolored.
2 pieces of panels, each 12×13 (columns / rows) with face area 50×50 mm.
Sound dampening range: 850 – 3430 Hz.

Studio, Vallila, July 2017

In studio of Aki Päivärinne. Vallila, Helsinki.

Here, the same type of panel as mentioned above (PRD) is colored by spray paint and a photo of a guitar has been added.

The very first proto work – the spray painting was not a success.

Guitar video

Note: the video opens up in a new window.

The 2nd pilot test, on a Green guitar theme. Tolerances not yet pleasing the eye… as can be seen.

That said, the 3rd panel (see references) is made using a custom built cutting table.


If you have an idea of where this panel could stand for exposition, please let me know. A successful lead will be rewarded as follows:

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