3 why's

Three drivers behind Desiderata Oy

stay in the flow_2 rows

Staying in your own flow-moment(um)

When you can fully concentrate in your task at hand, you perform well.

By limiting sound-impulses, there is less distraction.

Become more efficient at work, in your studies, in your practice of music or instruments.


hear the full sound_2

Hear a fuller sound picture

By cancelling disturbing echo, the weaker tones of speech and music are allowed to emerge.

When high-energy reflections are under control, another world of sound is possible to enjoy.

As a listener, you will appreciate the change.




So much can be said about restoration.

A mind feeling fresh and full of energy, as after a good nights’ sleep, will get more things done. And done better.

In a calmer environment, one may stay longer in that flow of ‘total focus’.

Measured, at bottom line

Noise is defined as sound deemed as a disturbance.

A disturbance can essentially be measured. Either as a loss of quality, in efficiency – or health-wise.

In the end, all summing up as a cost – that can be measured in money.

Measurable – the added value

Studies worldwide show that an investment in sound control will return an increase in well-being.

Therefore, a larger show-up at work is registered – as well as a higher level of us humans being way more energized.

Again :

  • less distraction, longer focus
  • the peace to do more, and faster mental restoration

The removal of noise will give you an improved acoustic experience,
meaning a better atmosphere for Work and Study. Which is seen in Your performance, amount of work done and its accuracy.

Thus : You receive more peace of mind. Quality to life.

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