Absorbing solutions

Absorbing solutions of Desiderata Oy

… is an absorbing element, or

… is art work (existing), upgraded with an absorbing material.

An absorbing element can be dressed in wallpaper, textile or canvas, and to your taste decorated with a painting or printed photo.

Existing Art work can for example be a painting, photo, oil painting or aquarelle – water colour painting.

On your wall, or under your ceiling. Hanging, or fastened.

2016-07-03 17.53.19
Oil painting, sound-absorbing

  • Behind the art work, a sound dampening material is applied.
  • This can be fastened to the canvas, or built within the frames.

  • Under the ceiling, rectangular or square pieces dampen sound.
  • For example, in rooms with quite some height to the ceiling.

Make it a colorful statement, or a solution that melts into the background?

  • The dampening material fill is typically 30mm thick.
  • Positioned inside the framing, is barely seen.
  • The painting (or photo) is flush with the wall.

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