Sound dampening panels…

…customized for ceiling, wall or any large flat surface.

  1.  Panels with a sound-absorbing material
    • Your choice of Painting, Photo or Textile – to become sound-absorbing.
    • Your existing Painting, Poster or Photo – to become sound-absorbing.
    • pre-designed Painting or Photo, on this site.
  2.  Panels of diffusion technology
    • Sound-breaking panel – PRD – of wood.
    • Sound-breaking panel – PRD – of EPS.
  3.  Accessory-upgrade package
    • Built-in loudspeaker
    • LED-lighting
    • Metal cage – “full metal jacket” – solutions

The products, in detail

Panels with Sound-absorbing material

A sound-absorbing make of a Painting, Photo – or a textile of yours

-> send your own photo (digital), and receive it framed on canvas.

( …and amazingly well sound-absorbing! )

Learn more about A sound absorbing make

Upgrade of framed Painting, Poster or Photo

Take an existing wall panel, and add value to it in being sound-absorbing.

  • A meeting room typically has artwork on walls, and are hollow within the frame. In other words, these have (unused) space for a dampening function.
  • The same opportunity for you exists at home.

Learn more about Examples of framings

Select from design Paintings or Photos, on this site.

Paintings and photos on this website, delivered complete with sound absorbing material.

( Original photo is here shown for reference purpose only )

Sound-dampening element, ceiling mounted

  • effectively dampens echo and its reverberation, due to air pocket.
  • provides a comforting soft light to eyes. Perfect for movie-time!
  • also works well mounted onto wall – and with built-in loudspeakers.


Technical description, sound absorbing element

Built-in loudspeaker … in a sound-absorbing element

What is your choice of textile?

An absorbing element, with full range loudspeakers built-in. Recording-studio quality loudspeakers.

Technical description, built-in loudspeakers

Sound-breaking panel – PRD – Prime Root Diffusor

Wood material:

Echo-mitigating frequency range:   830 – 2860 Hz   (design-dependent)
Complete description, sound breaking panel

Styrofoam material:

EPS, also known as cell-foam, styrox

Guitar on black painted EPS. (Epiphone, Les Paul)

2017-03-20 12.39.19

Echo-mitigating frequency range:   850 – 3430 Hz   (design-dependent)

Description, guitar on EPS


Metal cage – “full metal jacket” – sound-absorbing element.

-> Cage, box of metal sheet with a regular hole or any pattern.
-> upgrade with LED illumination & loudspeaker system

2017-04-28 15.06.35



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