Energy conservation – Low hanging fruit

Energy conservation – Low hanging fruit

We as human beings do things out of old behavior – habits – sometimes without reflecting over the logic of our behavior. I will present situations around energy saving behavior, which I have philosophized a lot about.

Are you familiar with the term “Low hanging fruit”? It means things that are easily reached, things that are available at closest reach.

I believe habits are formed because of the road of least resistance. In certain ways, things are simply easier. Therefore, there is a resistance to change a habit, a behavior.

And, if to change, there must be an certain experience of pain.


The Elephant, and the Mouse

In Finnish media, a while ago.

Not important who Navalniy is, what network he has or not. For the record, I do not value all he says; he goes a bit too far in his ideology.
Important is how he is treated by Putin and his klan of officials.

Not in particular that they do not use his name, only referrals pointing to him.
Particularly important is the energy they spend. The time, the (tax payers’) money, to keep him from being an electorate.

My first Vallila

Tiira – Vallila Interior

My first textile project using a Vallila Interior product came by chance.

I was new in a local business group of a global network, and in our local group we had arranged a lottery between our guests. From my side the prize was a noise-dampening acoustic wall element, with the textile being the free choice of the receiver.

The receiver chose the textile theme called ‘Tiira’. The name of the black-stripe-headed seagull, in Finnish.

White Duplo bricks

Did you know?

Wanted to celebrate Finland 100 years independence.

Couldn’t find on the net any – any! – photo of a Finnish flag made from Duplo blocks. Scanned the Lego and Duplo forums. Nothing. Went to the most known shop in Helsinki, in hope of finding a building area with loose blocks for spontaneous building. Strike-out.

The helpful lady guided me to call their other store, since they maintain a spontaneous building corner in that specific shop. Answers a young man – Yes they have a corner, but very few white bricks…

The closing of circles

Speech : The Ice Breaker  (speech nr.1, communication manual)
Toastmasters club : ”Virtual Speakers” of Espoo-Hyvinkää
Word of the day : Artful – witty, clever, in a positive or negative way

Topic: The closing of circles

I am born in south Sweden, just outside Malmö. I think of myself as a good red wine, year ’72. My mother is Finnish, my father Swedish.

At my age of 5, our family – my sister age 2, and parents move from Sweden to Finland, Vaasa – the home region of my mother.

Hiljaisuuttako etsien?

Viitaten ”Pörssiklubin pitää uudistua”,
Kauppalehden kolumni 2017.12.01 @arnoahosniemi

SoMe’ssa ja lehdissä miehet kuin naiset ovat ihmetelleet ja paheksuneet Pörssiklubin toiminnan poissulkevan naiset.

Että mitähän siellä puhutaan, mitä tietoa siellä liikkuu, josta naiset eivät saa ottaa osaa. Että moderni miesjohtaja ei kannata poissulkea alaisiaan.

Legalisering, Cannabis

För, och emot, att legalisera cannabis

Min reflektion över P1, Sveriges Radios debatt-program ‘Avkriminalisera Cannabis’, 2017.11.08, med gästerna

  • Margareta Nyström, förbundsordförande för Föräldraföreningen Mot Narkotika
  • Wally Johnson, från organisationen Avkriminalisera Cannabis.

(Programledare: Sverker Olofsson, Producent: Peter Öberg.)

Först och främst. Båda åsiktssidor (för och emot) bryr sig om barn, de unga. Låt oss vara överens om detta.

A Duplo blocks’ noise-dampening panel

( VOTE on the design – see mid page, photos )

Collecting Duplo-blocks by Crowdfunding campaign


  1. Build an acoustic panel out of Duplo blocks.
  2. Donate this noise-dampening panel to a local school.


  • It is a fun thing to do,
  • it has not been done before,
  • it is a piece of art, awakening senses as well as peaceful to watch

The design is a sound-dampening panel, a fully working panel, thus making a room much calmer. How the panel works – please read further here below.

Palautuminen, akustisen korjauksen kautta

Käsien vahvalla kertataputuksella avaan puheeni.

Kuuliko kukaan kaikua? Hieman? Ok, se oli aika nopeasti vastaava kaiku, palaverihuone kun on pieni. Isommassa huoneessa kaiku soi kuuluvasti pitkään.

Akustiikan ja erityisesti melun maailmassa esitän teille 3 tapausta, jossa kohina – erilaiset melun muodot – häiritsevät suorituskykyäsi.

2017-11-02 12.11.33

Melu on määritelmä äänestä, jota pidetään ärsyttävänä tai häiritsevänä. Ennen kuin aloitan tapauskohtaisilla esimerkeillä, haluan purkaa termi akustinen hoito. Hoito tässä tarkoittaa ​​tapoja millä hallita ympärillä olevaa ääntä.

Restorative acoustic conditioning

(Suomeksi tässä)

Acoustical conditioning as a restorative factor

(A speech given to the local Toastmasters club members)

I open with a strong one-time clap of hands.

2017-11-02 12.11.33

Did anyone hear an echo? No? Well, it was a very quick-responding one. Not a long-ringing echo, such as one can hear in a large room.