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Desiderata – the Harmony of Silence

Mind your Ear(s)

A quest to improve the quality of sound around You. By controlling echo.

And, to minimize the impact of noise in your space. You name the place.

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Gotland 2022.06

Car drive in Gotland during 4 nights 3 full days in June 2022.

Travelled by car and passenger ferry (RoPax) – operated and owned by Destination Gotland. Departed Nynäshamn on a Monday evening, and arrived to Visby by midnight same day. The first 2 nights we spent in Gothem, a small village about 1 hour drive from Visby.

The midnight drive is through fog laden fields, on semidark countryside roads. One can see the light of the sun mirrored in the sky northeast. Must be that we are just under (south of) the line where the sun never sets.

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First review, new Summer Tyres

Part 2 – New summer tyres


New summer tyres on my Fitnord Ranger 500 e-bike. The Month of April starts with brand new tyres. Ok, the rear tyre has already about 120 km behind. Both are from Schwalbe. Just as the winter front tyre, these 2 also come with a reflexive side band.

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A First review on Fitnord Ranger 500 e-bike

Part 1 – 6 months – 1000 km

I write in English, in order to reach a wider internet group.

Purchased my e-bike mid October 2021. After years of thinking I will get down to building my own, DIY. Spent 2.499 €. At the time, the selection was between 2 sizes : 27″ tyres with 48″ frame, or 29″ tyres with 54″ frame. I chose the larger.

As I am 175cm of height, I’ll confess the frame size is almost, but just almost, out of my size. It means that a) I can barely stand both heels on ground, without crushing my you-know-what, and b) having to lean too far forward in reach handles. This is easily solved by the adjustable (handlebar) center adapter-piece.

Now at time of writing, 6 months later, I have mainly commuted to work. First 3 months it was a tour-retour of 40 km. After having moved my place of living, I’ve got a t-r of 60 km. Passed 1000 km just before the month of April.

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