Mathematical approach


Techniques to control noise (echo) in your room space.

There are 2 ways to control acoustics.

1. The Traditional solution: Absorption

– the art of dampening echo by absorbing the soundwaves.

Typically a flatter surface. Here, a painting (or picture) on textile (or canvas), to which is added an absorbing material.

{ Soundwave absorbing Work-of-Art }

2016-07-03 17.41.13

– a black&white photo on canvas.

(read more here about dampening solutions)

2. The Mathematical solution: Diffusion

– the art of breaking down and scattering soundwaves.

Typically made of a material such as wood or dense cellfoam.

{ PRD panels }


PRD panels originate from the world of recording studios.

(read more here about Diffusing panels)

Little School of Acoustics

Learn more about Echo and Acoustics, see Little School of Acoustics.



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