At home

Application areas, at home

On a wall, under the ceiling…

  • Living room
  • Bedroom
  • Child room
  • at-home-office
  • …Your own preference

  1. add integrated loudspeakers, built-in for your surround system
  2. change the fabric whenever you like

Living room

  • lift the atmosphere of your living room
  • enhance the movie-experience sound

2017-09-08 15.33.10


  • Media center for work or movie-time; loudspeakers and projector built-in
  • Integrated bed-side stand for books

Media centre

Child room

  • a softer sound-environment for a child’s ear
  • do you hear the echo of your own voice while reading the bed-time story?



  • your voice being clearer when in phone
  • your environment being softer in sound
  • hide your loudspeakers – integrated in the echo dampening panel


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