Examples of Diffusor panels

(PRD panel, Prime Root Diffusers, also know as 2D panels)

The panel “N29” pictured above, is in size 130 cm square, and 25 cm deep.

The frequency range working in this design is 700 to 4000 Hz.

The panel pictured with a guitar, is assembled from 4 similar pieces.

The guitar is made up of pieces of a photo, attached by hand to each section.

Examples of 1D – QRD panels

(Quadratic Residue Diffusers)

1D diffusors work for soundwaves incoming at 90 degrees angle.

Examples of Art – with acoustic properties

Made by Olga Oreshyna (‘Olga66′ on WordPress)

These panels are what I like to call “Eye candy” – Acoustic Art Panels.

Made without a mathematical base. A pleasure to look at.

Like any of these panels?

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Application areas


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