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A First review on Fitnord Ranger 500 e-bike

Part 1 – 6 months – 1000 km

I write in English, in order to reach a wider internet group.

Purchased my e-bike mid October 2021. After years of thinking I will get down to building my own, DIY. Spent 2.499 €. At the time, the selection was between 2 sizes : 27″ tyres with 48″ frame, or 29″ tyres with 54″ frame. I chose the larger.

As I am 175cm of height, I’ll confess the frame size is almost, but just almost, out of my size. It means that a) I can barely stand both heels on ground, without crushing my you-know-what, and b) having to lean too far forward in reach handles. This is easily solved by the adjustable (handlebar) center adapter-piece.

Now at time of writing, 6 months later, I have mainly commuted to work. First 3 months it was a tour-retour of 40 km. After having moved my place of living, I’ve got a t-r of 60 km. Passed 1000 km just before the month of April.

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Car battery extinguishing

Car seen from front_Thumbnail

Extinguishing, or cooling, an electric car (EV) fire

How to cool down and limit the radius (spread) of an EV on fire? To suppress an EV on fire on a road, or onboard a car carrying ferry?

The facts are :

  • It’s extremely hot near a burning car,
  • there’s a lot of (lethal) smoke emitted from a battery (and car) fire.

Thus, it is difficult to approach a burning EV.

(click to enlarge – opens a new window)

car_front_full size
car_front_full size

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Arbats Barn

Arbats Barn_thumbnail


En Triologi utav ryska författaren Anatoly Rybakov.

Titeln kunde även ha varit Barnen av Arbat;

Detta anser jag mera träffande, även om betydelsen är den samma. Dessutom, är den engelska översättningens titel “Children of the Arbat”. På Ryska: Дети Арбата.

(klicka för att förstora)

Arbats Barn
Arbats Barn_Front
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Adding Aux to old car radio

Aux + iPod

How to add an Aux port, a 3.5 mm “headphone” jack to your radio.

Aux port

As my van is rather old – as is the radio – but working, I figured out how to add an aux line-in to the radio unit.

All it doesn’t do is play mp3 CD’s, however I can live with that. An mp3 player, or other music player can always be connected. Such as a mobile phone.

On our vacations, and other long trips, our younger family members like to look at Youtube videos – and now we can all co-listen.

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