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Återhämtning och Akustik?


Förhållandet (mellan) Bra Akustik och Återhämtning.

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Alla vet vi vikten av god sömn och vila. För att må bra, och prestera bra. Utan bra sömn återhämtar en sig inte. Men, hur många ser förhållandet mellan ljudmiljö och återhämtning?
Det är ju, som bekant, nämligen så att vi återhämtar oss hela tiden – även på det psykiska planet.

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Spray paint an EPS diffusor

Color applied : Metallic Gray

Here I tell you about how to spray paint an EPS wall panel. (EPS = extruded polystyrene, Diffusor = breaking, scattering a soundwave)

Starting point

The starting point is a white – uncolored – wall panel, non-colored from production. As EPS doesn’t stand against any form of alcohols, a primer has to be applied. Otherwise, the spray propellant will eat away on the surface. The primer is water based, and propellant other than alcohol based.

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Drone flight preparation

Good to do and know… before, during & after flight.

General : never fly near / above people.

Flying above yourself? Wear a helmet. Out bicycling? Keep wearing the same helmet.

Always keep VLOS. If you do not keep a Visual Line of Sight, it is near impossible to manually return the drone – when instruments tell you gps is lost – and you are thrown into Atti mode.

Atti mode isn’t anything you can train for. You need to be prepared for a manual take over of control – and it is usually always certain wind. What happens is that the drone will aim to maintain altitude (barometric sensor) and as gps is lost the wind will take it – Unless you compensate, manually.

Mark your drone with your phone number!!!

Aids : sunglasses against a bright sky. Even If cloudy. Helps for contrast.

Youtube channel : Visual Inspections
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Nordkapp by bicycle, 1997

A mid summer visit to Nordkapp

By Martin Andersson

4 bicycle-bikers set off from Gothenburg, starting with taking the night train to Kiruna. Then with bus transport to Karesuando, where the bikes were unloaded and mounted with our packs of bags.

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Hire a drone video pilot

Looking for an air view video of you and your friends?

Rent a drone pilot to capture your visit on video.

For a video recording by drone, in the Helsinki city and region, by hired pilot,

please contact me on :

Martin Andersson, Tel : +358 (0)40 049 1819

e-mail : mr_martin_1 (at)

Equipment : DJI Spark, multiple batteries, remote control. 12 MP camera, Full HD -video.

For example of drone videos, please check out my channels :

Professional in business. Insured. Safety first.

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