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Light- and soundscape

The light- and soundscape in our lives

There are several doctoral studies made, and study disciplines, into the psychological world of how light and sound affects us. Indoors and outdoors. How these have effect on our mood, well-being, behavior and performance. Performance, as in creativeness,  endurance at work or in studies.

One very interesting area within these studies is Restoration – how well and soon we bounce back from fatigue. Restoration can be measured. How to measure, is in itself a huge field of study. How to go about to standardize measurements with sufficiently acceptable and reliable factors. Continue reading Light- and soundscape

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Desiderata – the Harmony of Silence

Mind your Ear(s)

A quest to improve the quality of sound around You. By controlling echo.

And, to minimize the impact of noise in your space. You name the place.

Here you can seek to better enjoy and make use of your environment. Continue reading Desiderata – the Harmony of Silence