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DESIDERATA – Harmony in silence

Mind your Ear(s)

A quest for a better sound experience, where a good start is to improve quality of sound by controlling echo.

And, to minimize the noise in your space. Be it in your home, office or a public place.

Where-ever your space, seek to better enjoy and make use of your environment.

Enjoy :

-> conference rooms free of disturbing echo

-> a clean sound reproduction in your listening room

-> less noise from outside sources

Is a Diffusor panel the solution for your space?

A wall decoration – a photo or painting – that lessens both echo and noise?

A typical panel size is 120 x 90 cm’s, covering a frequency range of 500 to 3500Hz. Split a panel into several equal sections, or have it mobile – freestanding. Hang it on a wall, or make it part of your ceiling.


Diffusor material can be wood, cellfoam, glass or other sufficiently dense material.

Perhaps you prefer a heavy curtain, being acoustical absorbing and providing darkness?

Do you have a question, an idea, or like to comment? Or would you like to receive a price list?

Please send your inquiry through the following contact form :





The Diffusor

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  1. Good start, keep it going!

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