Your listening space

Improve Your sound experience. Take control of Your acoustic surrounding.

What if You more frequently could enter – and stay – in your ‘flow state of mind’ at work? Increase performance and creativity?

What if You could set the conditions around you to allow for less disruption, to limit disturbing factors?

“N29” by P. Persson, 120x120cm


The sound of people, talk and playing music around is natural. What is unnatural, and more disturbing, is unclear / distorted sound. Either consciously, or unconsciously, we more easily register things that are unclear to us.

Similarly, distant talk and movement also adds to background noise. Studies have proven that unclear and sudden changes of sound level is what we perceive as noise.

A ‘bad guy’ factor behind these situations, is Echo. Or, rather, the lack of managing echo. Sound-waves, that are free to both amplify and distort sound. Certain frequencies will be heard louder, other perhaps not at all. And what we understand as basic echo – the repeated return of a yell, that fades after a while.

A solution, to making your environment of sound clearer – and surrounding noise to a lower, more constant level – is diffusion. Diffusion is the art of breaking sound-waves.

A diffusor panel manages echo within a set range of frequency. This range is built-in through mathematical design. Customized to fit its purpose in your listening space.

A Diffusor lets you hear what you are supposed to. Lets you hear the recorded as was intended.

Hear what a Diffuser can do for You. Decide what it is You want to hear!

The range of human speech (wikibooks) :



The Diffusor
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