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Acoustical Solutions for Wall

Sound-dampening solutions for your meeting room Wall

A large photo upgraded with a sound-dampening material.
A 30mm thick sheet is covering the whole back of the canvas.
And not seen.

Perfect for that evening story-reading-time in the childs’ room.
Softening the acoustics, no more echo of your own voice.


Solutions for meeting rooms and conference centers.



The author

Martin R.C. Andersson is an engineer with a soft spot for project management.
He has a keen interest in audio equipment, especially studio-level quality monitors. Always looking for noise-free listening… to be a norm. Values silence, and now and then some solitude.
Thinks Yoga is a mental state of being, when thoughts flow long enough – without disruption – to reach a conclusion of idea or work. Thinks Mindfulness is a state of being when work really gets done – well done.

When the outside world is tuned out, and performance is tuned in.
Feels best when Minimalism, Functionalism and Art come together, crossing their paths.

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