A sound-absorbing make

A sound-absorbing make of a Painting, or Photo or textile of yours.

These pieces of art (pictured here) are about 60×100 cm, and 30 mm deep.


Alternatives of delivery to you:

  1.  send your photo, and receive it framed on canvas ( and sound-absorbing ).
  2.  send the inner measurements of the frame, and receive a sound-absorbing element to add to your painting.

A sound absorbing material is added behind the canvas, inside the frames. Within the frames there is normally room of about 30 mm depth, which is better used for absorbing purposes.

Depending on your frame size and depth, the sheet of absorbing material is customized to be fit for purpose. The material of the absorbing material is acoustical mineral wool.


As good-working sound-absorbing panels, these have a weight that you can feel.