Measurements, continued

How measurements look like


Motorboat, 2-stroke outboard, 8 knots, 4 meters away, open cabin (day-cruiser style)

Measurement done at wheel. (internal, built-in microphone)

2017-10-21 13.36.44


Ice-hockey hall, Mattby Greenled, open-for-public-session (low, small 2-rink building)

Measurement done rink-side. (internal, built-in microphone)

Half of rink is 20 males age 30-ish playing hockey, other half families of mixed ages. Totally about 50 persons in the hall.


mattby ishall_thumbnail_IMG_3261


Hand-ball hall, Drumsö Eerikinhalli, basketball-court standard, high roof & flat walls

Measurement done 2 m above floor, ‘ring-side’ in a small audience boot, mid-hall (external microphone)

About 50 children age 8 in warm-up or practice.


2017-10-29 11.57.50


Inflated soccer tent

(next to come)