Multifuser DC2 – 6 pcs

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3-dimensional diffusion panel. Set of 6 pieces.

Applies a multi-reflection technique, on both vertical and horizontal angles.

Takes care of both wave-reflection planes in a sound-critical space.

Operates on mid and high frequencies, bringing out weaker tones.

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Application examples:

Control room, broadcast & recording studio, live set, rehearsal, home cinema, music instrument practice, open office, meeting room.

Can be mounted to wall and ceiling.

Select between : White, Black and Grey.

Delivery time : within 2 weeks from order

Delivery included in price within European Union.

  • Function : Reduces echo (reflections), thereby optimising room acoustics.
  • Technology : PRD – Prime Root Diffusor
  • Results : Brightening and clarifying sound.
  • Dimensions, per piece: 600 x 600 x 147 mm.
  • Weight per piece approx. 1.6 kg.
  • Mount using double-sided scotch. Or glue, for a more permanent fixation.

Material / Recycling :

  • Material : a compressed, dense EPS (expanded polystyrene).
  • Country of origin : Spain
  • Maker : Vicoustic
  • Recycling : burns clean with water vapor release, or dissolve by citric acid (lemonade juice)

Care :

  • Resistance against Scratch / Grease / Oil : No.
  • Cleaning : Vacuum cleaner, with soft brush.
  • Can be painted (water based paints – no solvents!)

Downloadable data & Manual :

Prod Info_MultifuserDC2

Inst manual_Multifuser DC2_2019_V1



Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions 710 × 615 × 615 cm
DC2 Multifuser / 6 pcs

White, Black, Grey


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