Acoustics consultation

79.00  (med Moms/ sis. ALV/ VAT included)

Are You Curious as to what you can do to lessen echo in your interior?

How to plan the general arrangement of furniture, in available space?

What panels suite best, to achieve a better listening atmosphere?

Then let us speak!   (continues below)


Receive a report on the quality of echo in your space.

Measurements specification :

  • Sound pressure measurement – overall
  • Sound pressure measurement – per octave /across frequency spectrum
  • Reverberation time, time of Echo, RT60 – overall
  • Reverb time, time of Echo, RT60 – per octave /across frequency spectrum

For more information on measurement standards, see measurements

Let’s meet, or if far outside Helsinki capital area :

Let us speak over a phone or remote (video)line.  ( 1 hour )


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