Business Plan S.T.A.x.

Business Idea

Commissioning and After service of EGC plants.

Business form

Stock company (AS, Aksje selskap) works best on an international market, mainly due to trust-ability from potential clients, as well as limiting the damage of a possible claim (to the extent of the stock capital).

AS also portrays confidence in operation.

Staff strengths, for operation purpose

Network – Cumulative knowledge of founding partners:

  • Ship Yards, worldwide
  • Operators, End Customers
  • Staff, service people
  • EGC-plant supplying companies
  • recommendations of former colleagues, on above mentioned

Knowledge, strengths for operation

Knowledge, cumulative of founding partners:

  • Business management (BA), administrative
  • Field Service, Value as a service
  • Automation & Control
  • Electrical; HV, MV and Low Voltage
  • Mechanical; EGC, Engines and Propulsion
  • Checklists; BA and field work
  • Norwegian and EU tax law
  • Export / Import (Incoterms)
  • Project management, certified

Other strengths, for operation:

  • Languages (Norwegian, English, Finnish, Swedish, Russian, x y z)
  • Travel readiness on short notice
  • Agile project management
  • Green occupation safety card

Business Tools

  • Digital platform of data sharing (for ex. Google drive)
  • Checklists etc field work is performed on pads
  • Excel works fine as ERP system, small scale business
  • Skype (business) for virtual / video conference, multiple parties
  • Wattsapp for quick updates
  • Google drive for project setup, access level dependent
  • project related data – the linking to business partners websites’


Challenges in the start, right out of the box:

  • Learning Automation work in the field (Andersson, other?)

Long term challenges:

  • Keeping (field work) staff ‘in the house’
  • Building and keeping market confidence (work well done)