A Duplo noise-dampening panel

[ The campaign ended 2018.03.04 – The statistics are here ]

Collecting Duplo-bricks

– through a Crowdfunding campaign


  1. Build an acoustic panel out of Duplo blocks.
  2. Donate this noise-dampening panel to a local school, or hospital. (open for ideas!)


  • It is a fun thing to do,
  • it has not been done before,
  • it is a piece of art, awakening senses (as well as peaceful to watch)

The design is a sound-dampening panel, a fully working panel, thus making a room much calmer. How the panel works – please read further here below.

Palautuminen, akustisen korjauksen kautta

Käsien vahvalla kertataputuksella avaan puheeni.

Kuuliko kukaan kaikua? Hieman? Ok, se oli aika nopeasti vastaava kaiku, palaverihuone kun on pieni. Isommassa huoneessa kaiku soi kuuluvasti pitkään.

Akustiikan ja erityisesti melun maailmassa esitän teille 3 tapausta, jossa kohina – erilaiset melun muodot – häiritsevät suorituskykyäsi.

2017-11-02 12.11.33

Melu on määritelmä äänestä, jota pidetään ärsyttävänä tai häiritsevänä. Ennen kuin aloitan tapauskohtaisilla esimerkeillä, haluan purkaa termi akustinen hoito. Hoito tässä tarkoittaa ​​tapoja millä hallita ympärillä olevaa ääntä.

Restorative acoustic conditioning

(Suomeksi tässä)

Acoustical conditioning as a restorative factor

(A speech given to the local Toastmasters club members)

I open with a strong one-time clap of hands.

2017-11-02 12.11.33

Did anyone hear an echo? No? Well, it was a very quick-responding one. Not a long-ringing echo, such as one can hear in a large room.



Time has come for a logo

As this web site pages have taken a new form, time has come to find a logo to be hoisted on this ship.


The key theme is the site title – Mind your Ear(s). Other than this, the script is open to imagination.

In order for you to get the imagination flowing…. feel free to roam these pages

Hand-in your idea for logo with a personal message at ‘mr_martin_1 (at)’.

Let’s see what flag this ship shall fly!

The winner* will receive a flat-solution acoustic wall panel, in the size 60 x 100 cm, thickness 3 cm. The panel will be dressed in Your choice of photo, or fabric texture.

An example of flat acoustic panel

*The contest is open for anyone. Outside European Union, shipping costs will apply.

Large PRD-architecture

Math or no math, that’s the question

Architecture that – unintentionally – form large diffusers

PRD’s are diffusers based on math, on Prime Roots to be exact. The calculated surface irregularity ensures that soundwaves are treated much the same way as stealth planes deal with radar waves.

Walking through Helsinki city with a mind (heart) focused on acoustics, on how to dampen noise, inevitably a structure will catch the eye. A structure that reminds of a sound-treating construction.