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Terrace build, July 2022

A chronology of the construction

Built by myself, author of this blog.

The starting point, the material at hand.

Mission : continue the terrace surface of the old terrace, and have it surround the jacuzzi pool.

Placing out the concrete foundation plates, and accompanying plastic poles.

The saw table, with saw protected from night moisture and rain.

After the plates and poles have been places out, the bottom layer of long support beams are Laos out. This helps center the poles – provided that the beams are straight.

Using a water hose level is very accurate and works nicely – once set up.

After the long beams are laid, then it’s time for the second layer of support beams – the crossbeams.

First couple of terrace surface lining laid out.

A small progress later.

The rounded corners of the pool is probably what took longest to work out.

After most of the surface clothing has been laid, the stairs are next. The first rain presents itself, cooling in the hot weather.

Still level!

Final steps. (Pun intended)

And, done! 992 screws later. (I know this as a fact, as 8 screws where left in 4th box – and none dropped.

This machine helped me get this work done. I dreamt of it for nearly 2 years – the real need not surfacing until this work came up. The Makita DDF 484 RTJ. As I just turned 50, this was also my gift to myself 🙂

Take contact if you need a terrass to be constructed.

I work also in rain, but may retreat into weather protected area in hail will rain. As in below photo :

All the best / Martin