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e-bike charge history

My e-bike battery charging history.

A graphical presentation of the first 6 months charge history. Equal to the winter season, one could say.

Location : south Finland, a coastal area, near Helsinki city.

In the first month, until snowfall and icy conditions, I would take a shortcut through forest trails. This added a number of hills to attack – compared to the remaining months of basically flat asfalt.

Charge history – the 1st 6 months

Some facts to keep in mind, to better understand the conditions.

Some facts

Additionally, the lowest freeze of -15*C was around charge #8.

The snowstorm (26th Feb 2022) was epic. Line of sight limited to 100 meters. Large snowflakes. Just under freezing point, so wet snow. So, I am wet, from outside, and inside of sweat. However, in good mood I was and still warm. It was quite a work out. Drained the battery, barely made it all the way home (on a full charge).

[ Picture of bike after snowstorm tour ]

Find out more about the bike, and change of tyres. New winter and summer tyres in use. Threw away the original summer tyres.

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