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The Death Star project

A lamp project

How to turn an IKEA lamp into a Death Star

  1. Find a large (Ø 51 cm) or small “IKEA PS 2014” lamp.
  2. Copy-Cat instructions of someone who already done such a re-make.
  3. Collect the needed materials.
  4. Start.

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Needed Materials

  • can of spray paint (bottom layer)
  • liquid paint (top layer)
  • roll of narrow tape
  • sharp, long scissors
  • cutting knife
  • 20-21 cm wide (deep) soup plate
  • small paint-roller
  • a roll of book-covering plastics

Collect ideas / decide on Your best approach

Search Youtube: there’s the quick-fix, and other ideas on how to paint insides / protect inside / paint outside / add effects.



Painting the surface – which will be the ‘bottom’ color :

  • Protect the inside surface of the curved (lamp) plates. We did this by masking tape, covering the edges, piece-by-piece.
  • If opting to spray-paint, limit the area of the spray mist can travel.
  • Can of 400 ml is just barely sufficient.

Covering the ‘bottom’ color – the ‘labyrinths’ – with tape :

  • collect the lamp into a sphere.
  • tape the surface with the patterns – the star ‘labyrinths’.
  • we used 2 tape rolls of 2 different widths – 19 / 24 mm.
  • cutting long pieces of tape on the length for even narrower pieces.
  • VIDEO  ( Youtube / opens up new window )

The laser disc – arranging the round plate ‘labyrinths’ :

  • take book-covering plastic.
  • draw the ‘labyrinth’ pattern on the plastic side.
  • pre-cut away as much as possible, before attaching to lamp sphere.

Painting the outer ‘top’ color – preparing the outer surface for the ‘top cover’ color :

  • we selected a matt, black, acrylic color.
  • painting by using a small diameter, short-haired roll.

Peeling away the taped sections :

  • any ends of tape going over edges, we had tucked away in between the surface sections.
  • these ‘ends’ where the easiest to catch – when pulling away tape.

As a parent, I would have continued to do more labyrinth making, however my son had the ability to say when enough was enough 🙂

End result of project, video  (youtube, opens new window).

end result video


2020-04-18 20.49.38

Lessons Learned

  • Avoid water-based paint – it tends to peel off if by nail scratching away the covering tape.
  • Reserve 3 weekends of time…
  • An excellent Parent-Child bonding project 🙂
  • Therapeutic


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