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Recycling – an Ecological deed


Continuing on my writing about the recent (15th March) youths’ demonstration – not having done their homework before marching against the government(s) – I thought I dig a bit deeper into Recycling. About what can be done against climate change.

At least give a peek into my personal findings of the state of the world.

Negative trends

  • The smokers (cigarette) – how can someone, with great pleasure, blow out smoke into (clean?) air? So close to others.
  • Siberian tundra is melting – releasing C02.
  • Arctic ice is melting – releasing C02.
  • The plastic garbage patch is (still) growing.
  • Hurricanes / storms increase in number and strength. (Florida, Asia, Africa)
  • The emissions from the superpowers’ heavy equipment of the armed forces. Such as the B-52 airplanes now ‘visiting’ European countries.
  • What happened to the rain forests? (#greenpeace)
  • Garbage is being transported long distances by trains, for landfill. (Russia)

I am convinced that the plastic garbage patch is the reason behind the ever larger and larger hurricanes moving in over land from the oceans. That the increased ocean surface temperature is directly related to the plastic floating under the surface, collecting heat, thereby increasing the energy released (humidity) into the atmosphere.

Concerning C02, the volcanoes – above or under sea – combined release more C02 than the humans together. Still, many streams make the river…

Positive trends

  • The planting of trees – to bind CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Wood being increasingly utilized for house construction.
  • Wood being increasingly utilized for house heating – and burned cleaner.
  • Forest cut for the above mentioned 2 reasons – are replanted.
  • Large plastic collector systems built and put into ocean.
  • Small plastic collector systems – bins – being located in harbors.
  • Plastic collector systems being located before river(s) meet ocean(s).
  • Garbage separation and collection increases, and part is burned (appropriately) to make electricity. (Africa, Russia) #miniplants
  • Use of ‘old’ car batteries – for electricity storage in large containers. Such as for emergency power for hospitals.
  • Many people building their own electric car.
  • House warming / cooling from the ground below.
  • Sun panels – water or electric.
  • People increasingly installing batteries at home for energy storage. And selling to / supporting the main grid. #electricwallpanel

There’s a study ongoing, does planted trees – in desert areas – bind more heat because the trees (for example pine needles) are darker than the sand. The sand being more reflective.

Well, that sun rays are reflected back into atmosphere is not always good – because the atmosphere heats up – especially if clouds are in the way (of the reflected rays). And, the trees bind C02 – which gives the air less substance to be warmed by sun.

Direction of attention

This would be my list of the top items that need more attention. Better solutions, to mentioned problems.

Governments can set the parameters and sponsor funding / tax exemptions in certain directions. After a direction / solution has been invented.

Inventions happen at grass root level!

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Martin R.C. Andersson started out as a mechanical engineer, slowly developing a soft spot for project management – in which he worked for 10 years.

Although – at the time – having resigned from a corporate career within project management, that soft spot he keeps alive through a keen interest in room environment (interior) treatment.

By control of sound and light, looking to tweak for that noise-free listening… which should be a norm. Values silence, and now and then some solitude.

Thinks Mindfulness is a ‘state of being’ – when work gets done. When thoughts flow – without disruption – to reach either a creative state or complete whatever’s at hand.

When the outside world is tuned out, performance tuned in.
Feels best when Minimalism, Functionalism and Art come together.