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3rd ‘acoustic’ wall panel finished

Now finished with the 3rd sound mitigating wall panel.

Echo-mitigating, to be exact. Noise is sound categorized as pollution. Sound is air waves. Echo is air waves being reflected, usually from flat surfaces.

And this wall panel acts as a diffusor. Breaks the air waves apart. Each wave into many many smaller waves. The process is called diffusion.

Now I got caught up in technical digestion… This story is about how the third wall panel came to life :

  • A dedicated cutting table
  • Cutting the tower pieces
  • Gluing the towers together
  • Cutting the picture
  • Gluing the picture
  • 4 parts makes the complete picture

A dedicated cutting table

A dedicated cutting table saves time, as a jig, as well as improves the precision and evenness of the cut material.

2018-12-05 19.06.59

Cutting the tower pieces

To cut the tower pieces is time consuming, and doesn’t always go well. Not for a tired mind. The string (steel wire) is some 250*C hot… not something one wants to get caught up with in clothes nor skin.


[ video ]

Gluing the towers together

With certain planning, the tower pieces can be glued together with a steady speed – however still time consuming. Each panel is made up of 13×12 columns / rows respectively. The towers are glued to a panel in 3 sets. Wish there was a better way. Inclined table, with no back bending. Weights keep the towers in place. Dry time about 12 hours. One takes what one has to act as weights…

2018-12-25 22.11.56

Cutting the picture

The poster is prepared with coordinates on its back side, so that each piece finds its location on the panel surface. Finds its matching tower, so to speak. Cutting the straight lines is quite fast, whilst using a knife. Cutting out the detailed round edges of the guitar picture is another story…

2018-12-24 11.39.47

Gluing the picture

I must say that seeing the picture develop – grow – like a puzzle on the panel surface is the most satisfying part of the work itself. It is slow and demands attention to detail. Takes time to dry – which one has to allow – before getting the space to work on the immediate nearest tower surfaces.


4 parts makes the complete picture

The complete wall panel is made up of 4 parts, each part being 12×13 rows/columns. Each part being in size 65×60 cm. Thus, full size is 130×120 cm. And 10 cm deep. The towers heights differ in 1 cm increments, meaning there are 9 different tower heights.

Located seemingly random, however they are not – a mathematical formula ensures that the tower surface structure doesn’t repeat itself, whilst acoustically functioning within a pre-set frequency range. In the menu, Technique, you can find out more about the math.


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Martin R.C. Andersson started out as a mechanical engineer, slowly developing a soft spot for project management in which he worked 10 years.
Although having resigned from a corporate career within project management, the soft spot he keeps alive through a keen interest in room environment treatment. By control of sound and light, looking to tweak for that noise-free listening… which should be a norm.
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