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Networking event @ NewCo Helsinki


A busy evening with almost 100 attendees for a number of 1-2-1 meetings, lasting 15 minutes each.

Last year, 20 minutes was the allocated meeting duration (OP) – my experience is that 15 minutes is sufficient.

This also allows for 8 meetings, within the 2 hour networking part of the event.

The meetings are favourably booked in advance, where each attendee sets up a personal profile – listing interests, business profile and targets of the event. Application is Brella.

Always a good feeling to meet new people, and receive feedback as well as fresh ideas on your own line of business. A giving and taking!

Particularly disturbing, though, was the acoustic noise. A result of a very large room, spacious height to roof – and some 100 persons trying to make themselves heard… across the table.

Perfect situation at a restaurant located around the Mediterrainian Sea. Not so at a business meeting.

Suggestion for a temporary event such as this, is stand-alone, mobile (on wheels) wall panels. Made up from acoustically dampening material, covered by textile – with the visual art of your taste.

(for textile examples, see ‘absorbing products’)

Have limited space for storage? Ask about short-time rental options.

As every person raises ones voice, conciously or not, to be heard, you end up with quite a noise level.

These dampening panels efficiently mitigate the peak impulses. Across the full frequency register.

More importantly, the peak impulses of the spoken frequencies – which is a key distraction.

The large room – with high roof – enables a a long echo / reverberation time. This amplifies the area of before mentioned frequency area.

Boost the outcome of your event – enable for a longer span of attention – energy – and recovery! Mind your ears – and thus also your mind.

Return to home with excellent memories.


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