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Customer care

… or rather, customer care management …

Few things pi*s me off as much as when a sales person of the phone company I am using calls me.

… to, again, try to sell me that digital box, which is for free,

… but the channel packages do cost a monthly fee,

… and during the previous call I did ask to not call me again about this offer.

These calls started about a year ago. After I had changed from another provider, and to an area without internet by cable. Meaning, 4g.

Me, having hung up, in anger, after a few (not so) well chosen words, I pondered, what sort of customer data base do companies in general provide their sales staff, and to what extent the staff actually utilizes that software.

And, if the staff does register interests and non-interests of the customer, does the next caller do her homework before calling? Or doesn’t give a rats a**?

As I had registered my company a while back, many a caller reached out to me with offers. I can’t recall one single that had had a look at my pages, or research what is it that the company in question does for a living.

“Hi, I offer insurances. You recently registered a company, is that correct. What is it your company does?”

Now what would the success rate be if a bit of research would have been made… Time usage, conversion rate…

Any one in Espoo area (Finland) know of a 4g provider that waits for me to call, when I need an additional service?


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