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Stats, crowdfunding Duplo’s

Statistics on crowdfunding Duplo bricks

This is the statistics on the crowdfunding campaign of Duplo bricks, which was held for 6 weeks and ended 4th March 2018.

The collection of bricks does continue, until all parts are gathered, in order to complete the acoustic echo-cancelling panel. This aim of this page is to keep you updated on this project! 🙂

The bricks’ supporters

A handful of brick supporters – families – have during the crowdfunding (CF) reported to be willing to donate their set of toys.

That said, little have I seen any bricks… Which I should have expected. Duplo’s are really one of the few toys that bridge generations. Where grandparents play with grand-kids. (I can only name one another set: Brio’s rails and trains. Wood, rather, not plastic.)

Which most likely is the reason why these bricks keep their value. Second hand. On 2nd hand market web sites, on flea markets, and so on. And in case someone is cleaning out the attic, probably hands these to the children of a cousin or good friend.

The first family to support me in my crazy project belongs to my brother. Oscar. The bricks traveled from Gothenburg with the help of our cousin, Marcus. (Which is a nice twist to the previous paragraph.)

2018-03-11 14.39.51

Collected bricks, counting…

The amount of bricks, so far collected, are amounting to:

2018.03.11 – the picture here above.

Video, Duplo acoustic panel

Take-away’s from the crowdfunding experience

My key learnings from the CF campaign where:

  1. One really needs to deliver an easy-to-understand message.
  2. The need to bring on-board a ‘team’. You can only do so much alone.
  3. Be in contact with media – before the campaign.

Visitor statistics

The visitor views during the 6-week period.

Facebook post page


After the CF:


15.911  (2018.03.13)


75  (2018.03.13)

Youtube video, header on CF page

163  (2018.03.13)

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