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The Elephant, and the Mouse

In Finnish media, a while ago.

Not important who Navalniy is, what network he has or not. For the record, I do not value all he says; he goes a bit too far in his ideology.
Important is how he is treated by Putin and his klan of officials.

Not in particular that they do not use his name, only referrals pointing to him.
Particularly important is the energy they spend. The time, the (tax payers’) money, to keep him from being an electorate.

In Finnish media, a while ago, was the telling depiction of how an Elephant is afraid of the mouse.

I would like to bring in the dogs as well into the picture.

Navalniy can very well in many voters eye be regarded as a petite dog, aggressively barking at the large danish dog. Who, as should be, tiredly lends an eye to the small dog, only to go back to sleep.

But no, this dog spends much time dancing around the small dog, with a song of referrals telling the people about what we do not want (to have around the government).
And the money… accounted for the police, the campaign monitoring, the jailing, the court processes.
Ridiculously much energy, to put sticks into the wheel, on that small dog who really is no threat at all.



And, do these people play with Duplo bricks? Perhaps they should sit down with some!

2017-12-07 12.27.59
Finnish flag

By the way, do you know why white 2×2 bricks are hard to come by? Find out!


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