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part 3

Speech, part 3

7. ways of networking

Networks where I am active:

  • PMI, Finland chapter
  • HooGee P09 Soccer (treasurer)
  • SRF (Swedish-Russian society in Finland, secretary)
  • Toastmasters club (Virtual Speakers)
  • WordPress, Helsinki community

Of interest is also printed material, interior journals, such as “DEKO”, which arranges interesting events for its readers. A community of its own.

( Finnish reader, see my blog “Värikäs ilta” )

WHY I am active in these clubs? I want to stay updated and continue learning about project management, best practices with banking and balance sheet, organisational practice, be a better speaker, get ‘inside’ tips – and listen to discussions about web page management. Risks, opportunities.

Social media best practice, and certainly the social aspect also weighs heavily. When customized products are for sale, only Face-to-face (F2F) meetings open for building trust.

7.1 – The multi-stage rocket explodes.
7.2 – Networking branch, in detail.

8. project manage self, as in program discipline

The calendar in your mobile. As soon as I get an idea, something that needs to be done, I allocate a time for it in my calendar. Why? If it is important enough to be done,  it needs time. And, simply, because even if I write it down on some paper, I will most likely forget to take action on it in the nearest time.

Physical health : most of you are probably well aware of that physical work-out gives a nice bonus in form of mental health. Most of my ideas, and especially clarity for mapping out the road ahead, priority of what to do next, what is most urgent and so on, comes to me during my physical exercise.

This is also my solitude time.

A mentor is also good to have. One Guru that I used to actively follow is of the name Robin Sharma, who’s newsletters I signed up for long ago. At least once a week he posts motivating videos, from some part of the world where he is usually holding a presentation. Depending on what you seek, you find your own guru, mentor.

Robin has coined what he calls the 5 am club : 20 / 20 / 20 Minutes each.
Wake up at 5 in the morning, start with a hard work out, then read news, then Plan and write down the key things to do today. ( some are probably already in your calendar)

What you didn’t actually perform, of your things in calender, move to a day with enough space. Know yourself, be realistic and honest to yourself.

9. The Tools : ( a summary of the tools to administer the a.m. )

  • A notepad that you almost always carry with you. I use ‘Notes’ on iPad.
  • A Cloud service, for 2 reasons : backup safety, and availability over several devices.
  • As I use an iPhone, the ‘notes’ are always with me; to make updates, to write down improvement ideas, planning.
    The notes are searchable, just as your contacts are in your phone.
  • Planning : the calendar in your mobile.
  • For the milestone planning, I use excel spreadsheets.

From excel spreadsheets, the road is short to MS Project, where a pure waterfall dependency is an easy way of organizing your steps. Everybody know what waterfall dependency is? (Before you brush your teeth, you probably have squeezed toothpaste onto your brush. And before that, wet your brush under water.)

  • A mindmapping tool : SimpleMind+   … A visualized roadmap
  • This tool crystallizes The What, the Why, the How

I am a busy mindmapper. So active, that my wife gifted me with a book about mindmapping history and the authors own venture into computer models of mindmapping.

9.1 – The book of Trees, Manuel Lima


9.2 – The whole mindmap, all in one


Books are a great tool

Another book, which I recommend, is about TED speeches. In the book, the author, Carmine Gallo, and his team studied 500 speeches to understand what it is that makes a speech great. Without revealing too much about this book, she summarizes that whatever you choose to do in life, let it be what makes your heart sing. If to exclude responsibility and honour, In other words, cut away all that doesn’t bring joy.

9.3 – Talk Like Ted, Carmine Gallo


Last, but not least

I wish to mention that, how, when setting out the ship towards a specific goal, how interesting the road itself has been, and how unexpected doors of assistance have opened along the way. The surprises, the experience and learning that the road has brought has brought with it on the way.
Never is the road ahead totally clear, and only parts of it become clear as you come closer to the milestone.
People give unexpected help – and ideas – only because you happened to open up about what is going on at the moment.

9.4 – The Service, provided :

the service


About the author

Martin R.C. Andersson is an engineer with a soft spot for project management.
With a keen interest in room treatment through sound and light control,
always looking to tweak for that noise-free listening… to be a norm.
Values silence, and now and then some solitude.
Thinks Mindfulness is a state of being when work really gets done – well done.
When thoughts flow – without disruption – to reach a creative state or finish what’s at hand.

When the outside world is tuned out, and performance is tuned in.
Feels best when Minimalism, Functionalism and Art come together, crossing their paths.