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I have a passion for Self-management.

Anyone certified within project management, has a deeper insight into managing projects – and others. What about managing (your-) self?

I normally read a lot. In the latest 2 years, books have however accumulated to almost 1 meter shelf. (I travelled a lot and picked up books I found interesting). I got busy in researching about company start-up and crowdfunding.

The book that broke this shelf-trend is “Talk like TED” by Carmine Gallo.


( I received this book from my sister Sara, who had picked up on my interest on TEDx talks on Youtube, especially on subjects about presentation technique and preparation for interviews. An interest of mine, as I have yet to step out of my comfort zone and hold a presentation for a large audience.)

Most of us are familiar with the importance of the need of passion for a subject of presentation. And preparation. This book digs further in the area of what is passion. How do successful speakers define passion, and the audience. Not to spoil your own reading, I will stop here.

Another passion I have, very closely linked to self-management, is the making of mind-maps. I have notebooks filled with them. And then I continued digitally, on Ipad. (Simplemind is a good app)


( My wife Polina picked up on my passion for this. Probably because I had mentioned this on many different occasions. She found me a book whilst we botanized in the library-shop of the Ermitage museum… she nailed my inner being with “The book of Trees” by Manuel Lima.)

This book is an object of art in itself. Apart from hundreds of various ways of knowledge visualizations, and techniques of branch-visualization, he presents an almost chronological book starting with a historic study into the subject, to his own research and specialization into computer-aided visualization of knowledge branches.

I can strongly recommend both books!

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He has a keen interest in audio equipment.
Especially studio-level quality of monitors, and always looking for noise-free listening… to be a norm.
Values silence, and now and then some solitude.
Thinks Yoga is a mental state of being when thoughts flow long enough to reach conclusion.
Thinks Mindfulness is a state of being when work really gets done – done well – when the outside world is successfully tuned out.
Feels best when Minimalism, Functionalism and Art comes together, cross their paths.
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